EMPTY AIR executives and employees have been conducting aviation, logistics, and travel-related businesses since 2000.
With years of professional experience and know-how, we provide global charter aircraft services.


  • Korean logistics venture company operation (CS WORLD)
  • CRM/DBM related marketing business operation
  • Operating a Korean outbound travel agency franchise
  • Philippine nationality Pacific Pearl Airways Korean GSA operation
  • Thai nationality Oriental Thai Airways Korea GSA operation
  • Boeing 767-200 leasing agent belonging to SK Securities in Korea
  • Investment and joint operation of Korean national Yeongnam Air/Costa Airlines


  • Korean national T'way Air Jeju-China charter flight reservation agent
  • Thai national PC Air Korean GSA operation
  • Consulting for Thailand's national airline and operating as CEO of Asia Konek Airlines
  • Operated as COO of Thai national airline consulting Asian Air
  • CEO of Aviation Investment Division, Nanjing Changtu, China
  • China (Shenyang) Youth International Travel Agency Korea Branch


  • IN-OUT BOUND travel operation
  • Sri Lankan nationality jointly established Srikonairline
  • Airline Pilot Academy Fly Incheon Operation
  • Private jet relay & sharing platform business in progress


  • EMPTY AIR business begins
  • Personal charter/group charter/cargo charter business in progress
  • Membership product launch


  • 2024
    Establishment of a global passenger/logistics network Entering the American/European market for chartered aircraft Establishment of integrated aviation system
  • 2025
    Building a global aviation economic map Entering the UAM business
  • 2026
    Dominate the global air traffic market