What is Empty Air?

Business goals and direction

EMPTY AIR plans to establish a global sales network around the world to map the global aviation new economy and connect it with urban air traffic (UAM) in the future to establish a sales system according to passengers and logistics around the world.
EMPTY AIR seeks to dominate the global air mobility market by establishing aviation-related additional businesses and an integrated aviation information system using data obtained through the global sales system.
EMPTY AIR, a global charter aircraft platform, is targeting a 10% market share in the private jet business sector of the global aviation market by 2025.

  • What is EMPTY Aviation?
    Supply empty aircraft at low cost
    In global air transport, private charter flights and cargo charter flights are mainly conducted as irregular charter flights as needed rather than on fixed routes.
    Empty aviation refers to a service that matches empty aircraft with customers (companies) when flights on irregular routes are going to the origin or destination.

    Empty Leg refers to seats offered at a discount of up to 75%.
  • Aviation industry and sharing economy
    The era of aircraft sharing followed by vehicle and lodging
    The aviation industry is an essential industry in the global economy and operates with private jets, large passenger aircraft, and cargo aircraft.
    Private jets are convenient due to their stability and convenience, but the purchase cost, taxes, crew, maintenance, etc. add up to a large annual cost, so they are often operated through charter or lease through joint ownership and aircraft sharing.
    In addition, when large passenger or cargo aircraft return with empty aircraft, they can be used inexpensively by sharing passengers and air cargo to meet demand.
    Aircraft sharing will grow into a new global transportation system through price reductions and service improvements through increased demand.

Case studies comparing other platforms

The era of aircraft sharing followed by accommodation and vehicles