Network policy of on-chain, including data policy on off-chain, EMT tokens, and all decision-making authority related
to them are democratically operated by GLOBAL EMT DAO.

DAO Smart Voting council

Decisions in the GLOBAL EMT platform ecosystem are made by the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) Council, a decentralized autonomous organization, and various policies and regulations are enforced.

DAO Code by BSC smart contractor

  • Securely holders EMT
  • Tracks DAO token ownership
  • Defines Governance
  • Manages voting process

Contractor Code

  • Defines Business model
  • Defines Operational parameters
  • Defines Payment terms
  • Defines Platform policy

Aircraft ALLIANCE Blockchain

By applying blockchain technology to the data obtained through the GLOBAL EMT Project Aircraft Alliance,
build an integrated system based on integrity, security, and safety.