GLOBAL EMT can provide significant advantages for global travel by minimizing centralized data storage and building a decentralized infrastructure due to the distributed nature of blockchain

Decentralized Air and Travel booking services

The GLOBAL EMT 1.0 platform provides blockchain-based decentralized flight and travel reservation services

GLOBAL EMT 1.0 Platform

Benefits of GLOBAL EMT's decentralized platform include

Decentralized structure
Blockchain’s GLOBAL EMT platform is decentralized
All transactions are transparently disclosed to all participants
Blockchain technology is inherently close to integrity as it has built-in mechanisms to prevent unauthorized data access, tampering, and data breaches
Clear digital inventory management
Blockchain’s GLOBAL EMT platform is decentralized
Baggage tracking
Blockchain technology has the potential to significantly improve the stability and reliability of baggage tracking
Supports cryptocurrency payments with EMT tokens
More improved loyalty service
offer specific loyalty programs to incentivize returning customers

IAIS(integrated Aviation information system) underlying system

The GLOBAL EMT platform goes further and introduces the IAIS system, an integrated aviation information system Plan to enter the integrated aviation information industry by converting the information obtained through providing solutions to airlines around the world into big data and applying blockchain technology

Global ETM platform
Orthogonal & Atypical
Data collecting
Save data
Data distributed storage
Structured data storage
Fast parallel processing
Processing, extraction
Pre-analyis processing
security, permissions Management
Quality, Backup
Platform System Management
  • Financial informtion based on operation/maintenance manual/trading or lease of aircraft
  • Aircraft information (Operation history/Maintenance details/Aircraft parts)
  • Aircraft operation information (cost analysis by route)
  • Operation / Safety / Security Manual by Airport
  • Flight attendant inforamtion (Educaion and experience/presence of accident/disciplinary action)
  • Operation-related permit documents/Insurance (cost analysis by insurance company)
  • Customer analyis (age/gender/other travel purchases/travel routes by country, Analysis of the use of tourist attractions/accommodations)

Aviation industry B2B alliance

The GLOBAL EMT project promotes the formation of a B2B alliance with aviation-related companies and organizations

GLOBAL EMT B2B platform business areas

  • Finance and consulting business related to aircraft purchase, lease, and sales business
  • Aircraft light maintenance, heavy maintenance, parts (MRO), in-flight interior and consulting business
  • Aviation worker (pilot, mechanic, flight-attendant) training and job placement project
  • In-flight duty-free product provision business
  • In-flight meal and catering business
  • Aircraft insurance business
  • Aircraft refueling business
  • Ground operations business within the airport
  • Airline ticket sales agency business
  • Airline promotion and marketing business
  • Airline finance and operation consulting business
  • Business of providing all goods and services necessary for the operation of other airlines and aircraft

Consolidated payment

The GLOBAL EMT 1.0 platform integrates support for both real(fiat) currency and cryptocurrency payments.The introduction of these cryptocurrency payments provides direct and indirect benefits to customers in payment speed, convenience, simplicity, and privacy protection services

Fiat currencies - Centralization -
Crypto currencies - Decentraliztion -

DAO community

The GLOBAL EMT platform will be equipped with DAO community features, allowing our passionate supporters to communicate in a separate space

Global EMT
DAO community
  • DAO operating framework
  • DAO governance tools
  • DAO Contribution management
  • DAO Legal structure & contract
  • Reference Stakeholder Pool
  • Customer & Partners
  • Community EMT holders
  • Cooperative cooperative
  • Corporation
  • Government branch