GLOBAL EMT will present a new model of blockchain-based
global air transportation under the philosophy of creativity and innovation and secure global competitiveness by
establishing cooperative trust relationships in the international air transportation ecosystem.


The GLOBAL EMT project adopted BSC (binance smart chain) as its MainNet it is an independent network that supports the rich world of
dApps and is the most suitable network for linking
with all types of services such as blockchain games, governance and voting systems, and DeFi.

A2E (Air travel to Earn) algorithms

The EMT mining pool proves its activities in both directions of the blockchain and the platform,
and the A2E algorithm is subject to criteria such as the EMT token reward policy, VIP membership preservation strength,
alliance council's compensation method, information sharing, and contributor activity guarantee policy.

The operation of the algorithm is primarily determined by the EMT token stake of each platform participant,
and the authority is granted by the verifier of the GLOBAL EMT Foundation, and the permission of selected participants are granted
in differential proportions according to participate in the amount of EMT stake proof, platform contribution and activity, system support, etc

NFT Premium Services system

The NFT authentication server system used here includes a plurality of components that perform
each step for trading the ownership of the product, and serves as a database that stores information derived from
each component or information received from the user terminal.

Groups #1 to #3 will use EMT tokens or physical goods to prove individual's stake with a deposit guarantee fee,
and group #4 will receive an NFT card by paying a one-time membership fee.